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Corechess and Tactics trainer

Cant open after update. Please fix.

Major Problems since Upgrade

Ive used this app for years and have really enjoyed it and greatly improved my game. One of its many helpful features is that it provides you with an running ELO score and graph that provides both a record of your progress and incentive to achieve a higher score. But, since the recent upgrade there have been serious problems including the fact that the ELO score resets to a fixed number regardless of where it was when you last played. (In my case this number is 1781.6 which Id approximately an average for me these days). If youre unconcerned with this ranking, the app is well worth playing with. But for me this loss of score is very frustrating.

Crashes on ioS 7

This used to be my favorite iPad app. New version crashes on startup screen, unuseable. Running iOS 7.1.2. Please fix this!!!

The Best Tactics Trainer

UPDATE: June 2016 release causes erratic behavior on new iPad running latest iOS. Please try in landscape with analysis mode enabled. The scene jumps between large and small board size and sometimes moves after a touch. If you want to improve your chess game, this is a great app. There are thousands of problems that found in real matches; this is much more than a "problem solver." Its been a lot of fun for me and Ive improved my game. The authors did a fine job with the problems, analysis, and user interface. Thank you.

Excellent app

Great to practice chess

Great tool

This is the best tactics app I have used. It allows use of a kibitzer style analyzer and allows you to carry the tactics problems, in any way you want, out to the end of the game if you choose to.

Tactics with analysis engine!

Great application. You even get an analysis engine to see what it could be the continuation.

Promotion bug on ios7 but good application

This release ios 7 is working fine ! Good idea to see all engine evaluation with several lines. Just lack of evaluation rating. Very good software !

Good, but too many crashes

Very nice problems, adapts to your skill and helps you analyze if you dont understand the solution. Some bugs yet to be fixed (in one problem, castling was the solution, but it would not let me do it as a legal move) and it crashes pretty often.

Mixed blessing.

+ great concept, in particular the ELO-adapted assignment of positions to be solved - questionable GUI, with many minor bugs and glitches - catastrophic German localisation

Pretty good.

Hard, and challenging. Sometimes I disagree, but hey. The analysis part leaves a lot to be desired.

Great app

This is a great app for improving your skills.

Will not run after update

Please update / fix current build. It was a great app but after the .10 update it freezes on the purple intro screen on my iPhone 5s w 7.0.4. I emailed support but no reply. Thanks


Android版が良かったのでiOS版を購入しましたが「これが同じアプリ?」と思うくらい操作性が劣ります。 画面も異なります。iOS版の方がバージョンは上のようですが、Android版の方が良いです。 Next、Backの応答が悪く、Android版ではStart・ENDの時にボタンが終わりを示すように反転しますが、それも無い。 Historyを選択すると落ちます。今まで購入した有料アプリで最低です。


This is very Good application


Thanks for fixing crash

Nice app, but...

The app is nice, and I enjoy the exercises, but it crashes too often (iPhone 4S, latest iOS). Also, rating is stuck at 1872. Even if I make it go higher (or lower), the next time the app starts its 1872 again, even when it doesnt crash.

Great app

I like this app better than the checkmate apps. This will improve my game.

Excellent tactical trainer

The best part of this app is that it works offline too. Its my favorite game in the subway. The only downside is that the analyze button sometimes gives me completely bogus moves, some not even legal.

Excellent Chess Program

If you want to be serious on chess, you need to buy this app. Best practice app ever The price is paid by itself.

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